Helping people heal from the darkness of their past.


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The Red Songbird Foundation began its work in 2009.

Ten years later, the foundation is officially a non-profit and is celebrating its public launch this year. Founded by Hilary Roberts, sober from drugs and alcohol since May 9, 1997 and a survivor herself, the foundation aims to help survivors of trauma caused by sexual, physical and verbal abuse, by providing counseling, assisting members to enter treatment and by integrating members into support groups that specifically address their primary issues. Already having saved dozens of lives, it is their mission to continue their work and raise awareness in efforts to save more lives.

The Red Songbird Foundation was born out of Hilary Roberts’ own experience of needing trauma treatment as an adult, after six years of sobriety, and not being able to afford it. She was given the opportunity to have half of her $30,000 treatment paid for by a foundation that heard her story and wanted to help. The additional funds were loaned to her or paid for by a number of her close friends.

After going through trauma treatment, Hilary was able to face head on the horrible abuse that had been tormenting her day and night, causing her to act out off and on, for years. It was a hard journey for her during and after treatment, but eventually she was able to get to the other side of the abuse and the trauma and get to a place of relief. She found she could finally have healing, joy and peace in her life.

Hilary knew that one day she wanted to be able to help others the way that she had been helped. Many adults who have lived with the nightmare of abuse their whole lives can have those wounds resurface and completely paralyze their ability to function in this world. Hilary has personally sent adult survivors of trauma to the Meadows and other treatment facilities to receive trauma treatment. All of these individuals have said that it has changed their lives for the better, helping them to heal and become more whole as human beings as they face traumas and/or abuses that drove them to be afraid, act out, despise themselves, or live in fear, even as adults.

It is Hilary’s wish and the wish of the Board at Red Songbird Foundation that people heal from the darkness of their past, are able to love themselves, engage in healthy relationships and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The Red Songbird Foundation wants to help one person at a time to be healed and whole, perhaps for the first time in that individual’s life. We believe that as each person heals, the world heals.